Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here we go.

Why Single Acre Farm? Well, because our plot, our spot of land here in NJ that encompasses our home, is a single acre. OK, technically it's 1.07 acres as Martine pointed out. It's usable area is less than an acre seeing as it has a house, a garage and lots of tree's making over half the property unable to support food growth. Nonetheless it's an acre and it's ours for now, hence the name. Our goal is to think about our acre and it's potential.
We will treat our land with respect. We will think sustainably.
We will make our space a part of us and us a living breathing part of the space. Oh yeah, lest I forget the MOST important thing, we want to have FUN!
You get the idea, so let's get going....


  1. You should take a soil sample and test it. You can do it at home or send the sample to Rutgers for $30. I can give EM the procedure for the test next time i see her, if you like. One point from my soap box, i would not grow anything this year. Find out what type of soil you are working with and mend it accordingly. May help for future crop production. But i would love to help!

  2. We are itching to get something in...Leafy's maybe for above ground beds. Grew tons of tomatoes last year (yay - no blight). Thinking Asparagus for 2 years from now. I think most of the year will be spent planning out the space and fencing. Do you know anything about planting Jerusalem artichokes to prime and loosen the tight soil? We have some pretty good organic compost too.