Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What to grow?

With March coming in days, we need to get moving. What to plant. We know we need to do some research and we have not. Feel free to shower us with knowledge if you have it. I can tell you we want to grow plants that produce fruits and vegetables, first. After that, well who knows. Not us...yet. We discussed the timing of different items. Found this link regarding planting seasons:
Also still searching for a fence solution. Keeping in mind that we have loads of deer, we would like it to be no less than six feet. We also cannot use any treated lumber for our planting beds. I liked this post from
Lots of thoughts. Hopefully something concrete by the end of this weekend.


  1. Sorry but I don't have gardening advice - just want to say welcome to the blogosphere. Good luck with the gardening.

  2. Brian, our raised bed has brick sides. I have no idea about there. Both here and CA slugs were a major issue and the non treated woods such as cedar and redwood didn't deter them. Brick does. We bought ours from salvage since we weren't concerned about a matching facade.