Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Planning the hardware

Martine & I, just today, decided on fenceposts. Well, pretty sure at least. We have some dead tree's in our yard that are pretty high. Also straight which would be important. I think once they are down they will be great natural fenceposts. Have to determine the diameter and make sure the auger can accomodate the size. We were thinking 5-6' height, but today Matt suggested I check out youtube. We have deer. I thought that it would be high enough. It may not be. So am I will be surfing youtube to see if I can find video of deer jumping fences higher than 6'. I can make the fenceposts as high as we want, if we really do use tree's, but the fencing itself might be an issue. Matt also suggested human hair stuffed into pantyhose but Martine brought up an excellent point. Simply, that our deer are extremely domesticated, likely to make human hair useless. All part of the many things to consider. Also got a copy of Hobby Farms magazine from Marko. Looks like it can be a tremendous resource. Now considering tree's for the raised bed too. That or possibly some of the brick we have sitting around.
On the left I posted three pictures. The top two are of the front yard where we will be placing the main vegetable growing area. In fact the swing is smack dab in the middle. The third is of two old wooden barrels I just picked up from Freecycle. About three feet high, they are very cool. Hope to use them for herb planters.
-Until the next post. :) M&B.

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  1. Human hair? Yuck! But perhaps an alternative to Locks for Love if Martine does decide to cut hers. I love the wooden barrels.